Public Safety

Mental Health



As a prosecutor for the last 20 years, James has devoted his career to keeping Forsyth County safe. This is one of the best communities to live in because of the low crime, great education and thriving economy. 

Strong  law enforcement, strong prosecutors and qualified judges serve as deterrents to keep criminals from coming to this community to cause harm. 

James’ familiarity with the Forsyth County courts and law enforcement will allow him to hit the ground running on Day One to continue keeping this community safe and one of the best places to live, work and play.

There are criminals who need to be prosecuted but there are also good people who do a bad thing and can be rehabilitated and become an integral part of our community with the right tools.


James has spent 20 years sorting through the difference – offering help to those who need it and prosecuting to the full extent of the law those who need to be removed from our community.


James believe strongly in accountability courts. They provide access to resources while also enforcing structure and boundaries, which is vital to long term success.

We need an experienced trial judge who can manage cases and court flow quickly and efficiently, while giving everyone a fair and free opportunity to be heard. Justice delayed is justice denied.


James will ensure that no one is waiting an excessive period of time to have their case heard based on limited or full calendars with court overflow days and pre-trial conferences. 


James will tap into existing resources and work with stakeholders to streamline traffic cases to avoid unnecessary delays. 

Our children are the future of Forsyth county and drug use is on the rise in our schools. Education is the key to prevention –  Knowledge is power.

James will partner with the school system and community stakeholders to teach our students about the court system, the constitution and the realities of long term impacts and consequences.

James will work with the local schools to provide access to the courtroom for field trips to expose them to civics and the judicial branch.